Why Does A Laundry Room Need Ventilation

Why Does A Laundry Room Need Ventilation? Amazing Facts

 I was hunting for a modern house a few months back. But I refused some beautiful deals, and my dealer started to panic about why am I not settling for such a pretty house. Then I told him about my wish list, and the dealer did not get my point that I wanted a laundry room with proper ventilation for my new house. And I have to convince him why does a laundry room need ventilation and how it keeps the house from long-term damage.

A laundry room may not be the essential part of your house but believe it, a good laundry room with ventilation will prove itself more practical than you can imagine. If you are facing some skin or nasal allergy, too much fungal growth on wooden cabinets or chairs, or finding a stale odor in your house, then it might be mildew growth in your washed or unwashed laundry. So please don’t overlook the ventilation in a laundry room as it is a matter of health for the whole family.

Keep reading; we will reveal the best ventilation for your laundry room. We will tell you how you can add ventilation to an old laundry room without much destruction.

 Importance of Ventilation in a Laundry Room

If you are planning to buy a house, keep reading because I have covered all the points about what to look for in a laundry room or utility room. If you underestimate the importance of ventilation in a laundry room, it can become severe contamination in the house. A poorly ventilated laundry will cause moisture buildup that can rot every wooden object in the house.

Why does a laundry room need ventilation for a safe house

  • To control moisture and mildew growth.
  • To prevent lint fires.
  • To keep the laundry room cooler.

What is ventilation?

For any living space, proper air crossing is essential to a healthy environment. Without ventilation, big spaces become suffocated. On the other hand, small spaces can be made breathy with innovative thinking with ventilation. When talking about ventilation, it doesn’t mean the installation of an exhaust fan only. Every room in the house must have an appropriate crossing of fresh air, requiring at least two air passages.

When air enters a room through one door or Window, it must have another passage for an exit. This natural fresh air ventilation keeps the indoor environment fresh and germ-free and prevents mildew growth.

What to Consider When Choose a Laundry Room Ventilation 

Many house owners underestimate laundry room ventilation, and they suffer later. When they realize that their laundry room feels gloomy, it becomes hard to iron clothes due to the humid environment. When they observe mildew buildup on cabinets and walls. Ventilation type mainly depends upon various aspects that you must consider before remodeling or planning to buy a new house with a laundry room.

  • Type and size of washing machine
  • Location of laundry room
  • Window or outdoor
  • Budget
  • Utility of laundry room

 Many constructors are designing modern family houses with a utility room simultaneously serving as a pantry, kitchen, and laundry room. Washing machines with top load are trending these days. Most models have washer/dryer machines in one unit. But you must need a proper vent system if you plan to stack two separate machines as a washer and tumble dryer.

If you do not have windows to the exterior, plan in an extractor to reduce moisture when air-drying clothes indoors. It can be a cherry on the cake if you can afford a powered ceiling, but installing the exhaust fan is an economical and easy option with the best results for a limited budget.

If your laundry room has been used only for washing clothes, then a Window can live up to the purpose of ventilation. But if you intend to utilize the laundry room to iron the clothes, then proper ventilation via exhaust fan or powered ceiling is necessary.

Types of Ventilation for a laundry room

If you are remodeling your laundry room and have an open budget, then you must go for a space for the Window to let in fresh air and sunlight in the laundry room.

A laundry room can have different types of ventilation

  1. Window
  2. Exhaust Fan
  3. Vent  
  4. Powered ceiling.

Window in Laundry Room

A Window in a laundry room do wonders on its own. So if you have a Window in the laundry room, leave it open for 3- 4 hours in the daylight. Make this a habit, and let nature cleanse your home. If you live in a tropical environment, then there are chances that your laundry must have a lot of sweat in it. Without ventilation, keeping those sweaty laundries indoors will be so unclean. A Window is a must-have for a laundry room, especially in a humid or tropical habitat.

Exhaust Fan in Laundry Room

A laundry room has been used for storing, washing, folding, and ironing the clothes. However, a Window in such a room can pass the fresh air in it. But installing an exhaust fan is essential to control excess heat and moisture in those laundry rooms where you cannot afford to install a Window. Do some people ask when to use an exhaust fan in the laundry room? The answer is simple: you can use the exhaust fan to do the laundry or iron.

There is no need to leave the exhaust fan on when you are not working in a laundry room. But if you iron the clothes there, it becomes too hot, and vapor from steamed clothes creates moisture in the laundry room. You can control moisture level with the help of an exhaust fan in a room where you iron the damp clothes.

Installing an exhaust fan is the best ventilation for your laundry room regarding energy efficiency and ease of mounting. You can also pick the exhaust fan with automatic turn-on and off mode, but they are relatively more expensive than everyday exhaust fans for a laundry room.

Vent in Laundry Room

 If you have a vented tumble dryer, you will need somewhere for it to vent to. And make sure to make proper ventilation for heat exit to outdoor. Vent pipes are used for this ventilation if you use a tumble dryer. Place the dryer in the laundry room where you need the least ducting for easy ducting. But if some cabinets or countertop are in the way, you can aesthetically hide the vent pipe under a faux beam. Or run the laundry room vent pipe through cabinets above the dyer. And avoid keeping bleach or harsh chemical in that particular cabinet.

Select a metallic duct pipe at least 4 inches in diameter for safety measures because metal can withstand heat more effectively than plastic vent pipes. In addition, plastic pipes are more prone to trap dust and lint, and there are chances of disturbing hot air flow. As a result of excessive heat, your machine can heat up and can cause machine damage.

Powered Ceiling in Laundry Room

Modern houses are well equipped with a central powered ceiling to control temperature and moisture in the house. This ducting system also has vent pipes attached with fans so they can control and maintain the indoor environment. A laundry room with a powered ceiling works well and is essential for the limited yet practical nook of the house. Don’t forget to clean the filters in your laundry rooms because there are chances that the powered ceiling filters trap the lint, which can block the filter passage.

CONCLUSION: Why Does A Laundry Room Need Ventilation?

Yes, every laundry room needs a ventilation that help to control the moisture, make it cooler and also prevent the lint fires.


Best exhaust fan for the laundry room

Why Should a laundry room have an exhaust fan? There are tons of reasons that exhaust fans are your best friend for a safe and breathy laundry room. Without an exhaust fan, your laundry room can catch lint fire because tumble dryers produce lots of lint and remain in the air. In case of excessive heat, this lint can catch fire immediately. 

Exhaust fans extract a laundry room’s heat, lint, and moisture. Either you can mount automatic exhaust fans with sensors that turn on and off automatically. Or everyday exhaust fans are budget-friendly with the same performance and are the best option for your laundry room.

For your convenience, we have shortlisted a few exhaust fans based on their performance

  • Panasonic WhisperCeiling DC Fan
  • Broan Ventilation Fan
  • Broan Duct-Free Ventilation Fan Air King Humidity Sensing 80 CFM Ceiling Fan


What to consider when choosing a laundry room vent?

  1. Plan to buy a tumble dryer if your laundry room can be altered easily to vent the ducting pipe.
  2. Always select the metallic pipe for the laundry room vent.
  3. The metal pipe must have a 4-inches diameter.
  4. Plastic pipes are not safe to vent the tumble dryer due to the heat generated by the dryer.
  5. An aluminum vent pipe is more cost-friendly than any other metal and easy to install.


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