What color curtains for purple walls

What color curtains for purple walls?

Some colors are very unique , people love them and wear them but don’t use them in their house construction, like purple and pink. But if you are purple lover,, you must used it in your bedroom and now you are looking for what color curtains for purple walls? The purple color exudes sophistication and brings out the luxury in the room. The purple color stimulates creativity and gives a pleasant ambiance, so it’s ideal for those who like to write or study in your bedroom. It would help if you considered several other factors when designing the space.

Which color goes best with purple?

What color curtains for purple walls

Purple color has its nature in the wall, whether light or dark, so a combination of purple with different shades gives a pleasant feel. Red, blue, yellow, green, and orange are the few colors that go best with purple. It largely depends upon the shades of the purple color as purple arises with the combination of two; red and blue or maybe yellow in minor concentration. 

How do you make purple walls look good?

Purple isn’t everyone’s first choice for a room’s color scheme, but it can be a stunning base or accent color, and you might be surprised at how well specific colors work together. Warm yellow or white light helps to mute the blue tinge in a purple wall, making it appear more grey because purple combines blue and red. Compact fluorescent bulbs with lower light temperatures, labeled “warm white,” are now available. They produce the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs and bring purple color shinier.

Bedrooms with purple walls are decorated with shades such as lilac, iris, mauve, violet, lavender, and heather. Light is absorbed by purple. As a result, mirrored furniture complements the color and adds to its richness. Again, the reflections in the mirrors make the room appear well-lit. Purple also looks excellent when combined with white and grey, so keep these two colors in mind when decorating your bedroom. It’s crucial to try to make the room’s décor as harmonious as possible. So, for a balanced look, if you’re using a darker shade of purple on the walls, pair it with light colors, neutrals, and warm tones.

Which color curtains go best with a purple wall?

Using different ideas, you can decorate the purple wall with the best options, as it may be white to light grey.

The use of an eclectic mix of decor and bold colors is ideal in modern bedrooms. The best option is to pair dark colors, such as a rich violet-purple, with light shades like white. White, ivory, stone blue, or light grey are the ideal curtains for purple walls, whether you choose prints. You love the elegance of sheer white curtains with a grommet-style header and geometric medallion prints. When working with a lighter purple shade, such as lavender, a great design idea is to go with something soft and sheer. When your curtains let in enough light, they can make your room appear bright and airy, a grand illusion for smaller spaces.

You can skip the sheer look for your curtains when working with a rich, dark purple in the bedroom. Instead, look for noise reduction, thermal insulation, and the ability to block light. The floor-length purple bedroom curtains in solid textured linen with simple, straight-line folds, blackout insulation, and thermal and light block technology keep your room dark. On the other hand, the white fabric adds brightness to the room, breaking up the darkness of the purple walls. 

Another example of purple walls to look great is geometric prints of an overlapping trellis in a neutral shade like ecru (light grayish brown). This color is an excellent complement to purple walls with a deep blue tint in modern living rooms. You can continue the bold, modern look with purple curtains when you have navy blue-purple walls in your sitting room. 

Silver and purple are also classic color combinations because of their rich, opulent appearance when combined. Eggplant has a great purple color to pair with navy purple walls. However, to avoid the dark-tinted purples becoming too oppressive, look for sheer curtains that let in ambient natural light rather than blackout versions.

Is the purple-gray wall a good combination?

Purple-gray walls are the Swiss Army knife of interior design, adapting to any room theme. Geometric patterns are ideal for a contemporary look. The intricate grey patterns complement the purple walls’ grey undertones, while the gold circles add a bold but elegant pop of color. Brown, red, and grey, as well as grey and navy, are also good options. Purple-gray wall having a wooden door containing curtains on it looks fantabulous. The rod pocket makes the curtains ideal for sliding along the rod when you want coverage on the windows without blocking all of the natural light. A longer length will allow the curtains to pool into a puddle on the floor, creating a stunning dramatic effect.

Some shades of green curtains, such as sage, can look great with light purple walls. Drip opulence was achieved with the shimmery medallion print, solid green backing, and fringed valance. If you’re looking for Window treatments for a traditional or antiqued bedroom or formal sitting area, these Jacquard panels with the built-in draped valance and matched, taffeta backing will appeal to you. Suppose you’re looking for Window treatments for a traditional or antiqued bedroom or formal sitting area, Jacquard panels with the built-in draped valance and matched. In that case, taffeta backing will appeal to you.

Velvet curtains with lined backs that are both soft and solid, with room-darkening features for a contemporary or modern look, are another option for purple walls. Au Lait Creme’s simple solid color design looks adorable and sophisticated against dark purple wall shades. 


As described above, you can get creative with your color choice or play it safe with something simple and plain for specific colors to go with purple walls. Whether you prefer a dark and bold color like purple or a light and bright color to create a contrast, one of these ideas will be perfect for your space. If you are decorating your home then you must have this guide Things you need to know before decorating your home

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