Pendant Light Gives the Best Light for a Kitchen Island

Pendant Light Gives the Best Light for a Kitchen Island

This article will be based on pendant Light Gives the Best Light for a Kitchen Island. The most incredible memories are made in a small house with a big kitchen. And this big kitchen looks incomplete without proper lighting. Besides paneled and LED light, a spacious kitchen with a dining table or kitchen island needs proper illumination and pendant or suspended lights are ideal for this purpose. The traditional kitchen used to have metallic and simple hanging lights, but now we have a variety of modern pendant lights for the kitchen. I like pendant lights because they are more focused and feel closer than ceiling lights. Pendant light over the kitchen island illuminates that prep area and creates a dramatic ambience over the countertop.

Why use a pendant light in the kitchen?

Suspended lights also serve as focused lights over a dining table or kitchen island. These lights also create a warm and welcoming ambience in the kitchen. These pendant lights fill the space between the ceiling and counter. Moreover, they build a visual interest if used over the kitchen island of an open kitchen or studio apartment. The price range of kitchen pendant lights ranges from $120 to $350. So you can choose light according to your budget and preferred style to match with your kitchen theme.

As a working lady, I usually like to spend most of my time in the kitchen while at home. This place is my inspiration as well as I feel relaxed when my mind gets tired. If you think that kitchen lights should be more functional than decorative, we will revise your decision. Because nowadays, you can install power-efficient yet stylish pendant light for your kitchen. You can focus on any particular corner of your kitchen with these lights. If you are looking for unique pendant lights for your kitchen dining table or island, here are four main types of suspended light that are worth considering.

  • Mini pendant light
  • Drum pendant lights
  • Linear suspended lights
  • Glass pendant lights

Mini Pendant Light

Mini pendant lights are one of the most favourite lights with chic and modern designs. These mini lights look great over a mini kitchen prep table or island. Asymmetric or series of mini suspended lights cover the 8 to 10 inches of mid-air area above the counter. Now you can find thousands of designs with different lights in them. LED lights used in mini pendant lights are perfect for serving as projected light and energy-efficient in these pendant fixtures as they consume only 6 to 8 watts of energy and produce the same light as 60 watts incandescent bulbs.

 Drum Or Barrel Pendant Light

Make a design statement with traditional barrel pendant lights in the kitchen. Believe it or not, a pair of drum pendant lights over the kitchen island can be everything you are looking for special lighting effects in the kitchen. When use suspended with different lengths, they look more appealing. You can use white or golden bulbs for these drum pendant lights. Drum pendants with opaque glass or fabric shades work well for the kitchen dining table and make the dinner table welcoming to entertain guests. Or you can play with high-contrast drum pendants as your kitchen task light.

 Linear Suspended Lights

Linear pendant lights look more modern than traditional chandeliers. Bright liner lights with multiple small LED lights in series serve best to brighten up the island area. If you have a spacious kitchen, you must pick these linear suspended lights to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. Give a magazine quality look to your kitchen with under-cabinet lights combined with linear pendant lights. Make sure that this linear plank should be 30 to 45 inches above the kitchen island.

Glass Pendant Lights

Give your over kitchen island space a restaurant-quality look by clustering glass pendant light. These glass fixtures look good and reflect the light even when not switched on. You can choose a transparent or opaque glass pendant. For more dramatic effects in your kitchen, you can use low volts or dimmable bulbs in these glass pendants to recreate the candlelight in your kitchen for special occasions.

Kitchen pendant lights are available in the following finishes:

  • Bronze/ Brown shades
  • Nickel / Satin Chrome
  • Black Tones
  • Beige Tones
  • Brass / Gold Tones
  • Clear Glass
  • Copper Tones
  • Grey Tone
  • Opaque Glass
  • Blue Tones
  • Graphite
  • Wood Tones
  • Silver Tones
  • White Tones
  • Polished Nickel

Many lighting fixture manufactures are offering kitchen pendant lights in different styles. So you can use these pendant lights inappropriate layering along with the ceiling and panelled lights.

Famous styles of pendant light are:

  • Traditional
  • Art Glass
  • Handmade glass
  • Classic
  • Farmhouse
  • Crystal
  • Retro
  • Victorian
  • Modern
  • Contemporary

What to look for while buying pendant lights for the kitchen?

Besides using pendant lights over the kitchen island, you can use these suspended lights in different kitchen areas to amplify the kitchen’s brightness. If you want to illuminate the general area, you will require ambient light, while you need accent lights for more focused lighting. Highlighting a specific place in the kitchen with pendant lights also serve a decorative purpose and focuses on a particular area at the same time. Consider these features while selecting a pendant light for a kitchen to make your buying more authentic.

  1. A pendant light that is open at the top also illuminates the area above the morning and helps to project a soft glow.
  2. Combining a mini pendant with 3 or more lights is more suitable over the dining table.
  3. Permanently suspend the pendant light 8 to 10 inches below the kitchen ceiling.
  4. Pendant lights with retractable cords can be used by altering the length of the cable for different occasions.
  5. Dimmable bulbs in pendant lights are more adaptable, so you can change the intensity or colour of the light and create a dramatic ambience in the kitchen with these lights.

Make each moment worth spending in a well-lit kitchen.

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