Victorian Bedroom

Outstanding Victorian Bedroom Ideas That Will make you feel Royal.

A unique bedroom design is the best way to create a great space. The most important thing is to have a bedroom design that will fit your style, taste and personality. The most popular choice among people who want to have a fantastic bedroom design is the Victorian bedroom design. This bedroom design will be one of your dream bedrooms that will be remembered for a long time. 

You don’t need to spend much to make your bedroom look victorian. Many people just like the victorian bedroom design. But on average, people are now busy meeting their own needs, so they can’t pay much attention to their home design and decor. Or they think that victorian bedroom design can be costly for them. But fortunately, this is not true. 

Here are some points you need to understand before starting decorating your bedroom. 

Victorian Bedroom is for those who

  • Like dark colours
  • Like their bedroom filled with things
  • Love traditional designs
  • want a fireplace in their bedroom
  • want a full-open window in their room

Want to have a victorian bedroom. Try these things

Classic look

Victorian bedroom

It is essential to keep your bedroom classic. The best thing I like about the victorian bedroom style or Royal home design is that they kept everything in its place. Don’t expect a much modern design, and don’t worry that it is outdated. It is not outdated or not much modern. The bedroom in victorian style is unique and classic. The Victorian bedroom design is traditional. If you want it, you need to pay attention to the colour scheme. Always choose colours like grey, black and white. Some gothic colours are famous for this. 

Printed Wallpapers

Victorian bedroom-wallpapers

Yup, it is tough these days to build a room with thick walls with designs as old-victorian houses have. So, we can do the same with wallpapers. Yes, you can find out different wallpapers with printed designs. It would help if you kept in mind that the print on the wallpaper must be similar to the victorian designs. You can try out the floral wallpaper as well. The royal look wallpapers are also readily available in the market. 


Victorian bedroom-Chandeliers

Another thing you can do to make your bedroom look like a victorian or royal bedroom is put a well-famous centrepiece. There are so many Chandeliers available. I must suggest buying a simple and modern one. The chandeliers can be expensive, but if you look for the modern and small ones, you can also get them at an affordable price. If you can afford it, you can buy a big traditional one. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on it, you can check out for unique and modern that meets the needs of victorian bedroom design. 

Make your bedroom restful.

Victorian bedroom restful

The most important thing to consider is to make your bedroom restful. Yes, the primary purpose of the bedroom is to take a rest and refresh yourself. So, what if we make our bedroom unique and beautiful but not restful. Yes, It is a crucial point to consider. You have to make your bedroom refreshing and restful. I know your happiness level when your bedroom has a royal or victorian look, and it is also restful. To make your bedroom refreshing and restful, the vital thing is bedding, curtains, furniture, ornamentals and many more. 

Make sure to have dark but soft curtains and elegant bedding. What about the furniture? The victorian bedroom has heavy furniture and dark colours in their room. Yes, nowadays, people don’t like dark colours and heavy furniture. If you like it, then you can go for it. If you don’t like it, you can choose the best modern furniture that contrasts with victorian era furniture. 

Area Rug

Victorian bedroom-area rug

Now, you can pay attention to the floor after the bedding and the furniture. You can’t keep your floor without a carpet or area rug. I think that the putting carpet is traditional, but most people like to have carpets in their living room and bedroom. For the victorian bedroom design, you can choose the area rug with a border. The victorian bedroom rug is lighter in the middle and darker at the edges. This will give a warming effect to your bedroom. 

Consider Ornament

After having heavy bedding, dark and soft curtains and the best rug, it’s time to consider the ornaments. Yes, ornament stands, storage, and even hooks should be considered. The ornament furnishing and accessories will give you a royal feel in your bedroom. You can take a look at vintage lighting as well. I must say to avoid the heavy ornaments. This is because keeping some open space in your bedroom. Otherwise, you can also check it out. 


The Fireplace. Now, this is the most important thing to consider. The room with a fireplace covers over 50 per cent of the royal or victorian bedroom criteria. It is the best feature of the Victorian bedroom. To make your bedroom beautiful, you need to consider the fireplace mantel. Check out which fireplace mantel suites are best for your room design and dimensions. You can check out the artificial mantels as well. 

Statement Art

Don’t forget to add statement art to your bedroom if you look for the Old victorian bedroom or living room designs. You will find that Victorian designs are full of artwork. So, you can add a piece of statement artwork to the wall behind your bed. This will give an elegant look. 

Big Mirror

Yup, the mirror is the central part of the bedroom. Girls cannot even think about a bedroom without a mirror. The mirror with cabinet and drawers is an essential part of the bedroom. So, for a Victorian-inspired bedroom, let’s have a big mirror. Yup, a big-elegant mirror not only grabs the attention when entering the room but also keeps your room light. 


The heaving bedding and soft but dark curtains are a vital part of the Victorian Bedroom. Heavy curtains not only help you maintain the room temperature but also give you a royal look. Many people think hanging heavy curtains is outdated, but it is not valid. They are still in fashion. You can also choose to hang them close to the ceiling. This will make your room walls look bigger, an essential feature of the royal house. 

Royal colours

Yup, go and search for the royal colour palette, and then you will find unique colours you can use in your bedroom. Royal blue and purple colours give your bedroom a sophisticated and fantastic look. But many people fear using such dark colours in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid of using royal colours if you want a Victorian-inspired bedroom. You can put a single colour and then pair it with different contrasting colours. This will give an elegant look to your bedroom. It is traditional but not out-fashioned.

Natural Material 

wood chairs

If you want a bedroom to look royal, you need to opt for the natural material. Please don’t go for faux, because they look too modern. Always go for natural things such as wood. Your ceiling should be woody. It only happens when you are in a contraction phase. But if you have a well-contrasting home and live in it, then it might not be possible to have a woody ceiling. You can then go for woody furniture like a sofa, bed and many more.

Showcase your collections

Many of us travel to different areas and get many things from there. So, if you have more space in your bedroom, you can have a wall-mounted wardrobe, and you can put all the materials you got from different areas. You might think that this idea will be best for the living room. Yes, it can be, but you can do the same in your bedroom. 

With a bit of creativity and some new products, you can create a unique collection that will give you and other people entering your bedroom a sense of familiarity and show how beautiful your room is and how creative you are. 

Velvet Addition

You may notice that velvet fabric is ubiquitous in royal aspect weather velvet clothes or the use of velvet in home decor. You can also use it. You can go for the velvet curtains. If you don’t want to have velvet curtains, you may also add a velvet-covered chair. But you can think about heavy velvet curtains; they look beautiful and are also helpful in maintaining room temperature, especially in winters.

Tufted Headboard

Yup, best-tufted headboards are the central part of the victorian bedroom. The bed with a tufted headboard give a sophisticated and elegant look. It is also essential to buy a modern-looking tufted headboard because many think tufted headboards are old-fashioned. But this is not true. You can check the modern contrasting tufted headboard. 

Freestanding Dresser

If you have searched for how to make your bedroom look victorian, you must find it. The freestanding wardrobe and dresser are very common in the victorian bedroom. This not only gives you an elegant and sophisticated look but also it is very functional. It can make your life much easier if you are a lazy person like me…Hahaha

Candle holding set

You may see this in your candlelight dinner, restaurant, hotels, and on special occasions. But a Victorian-inspired bedroom doesn’t need to have a special occasion for this candleholder set. You can quickly get it from a nearby marketplace and then put it in your bedroom. This will elevate the beauty of your bedroom. 


Many people want to change their boring bedroom to a more elegant and sophisticated Victorian-inspired bedroom, but they didn’t find out how they can do this within a limited budget. Here in this article, we discussed Victorian Bedroom ideas on how to make your bedroom look victorian. Read clearly and apply it.

I just moved into a new home, and I am wondering how to determine what the best layout would be for the bedroom. I would like to have it as open and airy as possible but still close enough that we can keep an eye on the baby. I am considering putting the crib against the wall with a door in the middle, but I am unsure if this is the best option. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

To your bedroom, the results will be excellent. Happy reading 


How can I create a Victorian main bedroom suite?

In the Victorian era, the main bedroom was usually a separate room from the children’s bedroom. The idea was that the children should be kept safe and out of sight. The main Victorian bedroom was very private. You had a large dressing area and a dressing table which contained your cosmetics, brushes and powder puffs. In the centre of the room, you would have your bed, and in the corner, by the window, you would have a chair. For more ideas, you can take help from the above article. 

How to create a Victorian bedroom?

You are not alone if you have ever wondered how to create a Victorian bedroom. We all love the Victorian era and visiting historic houses, museums, and libraries. But, when decorating our homes, it is hard to know where to start. So, today I will share my favourite tips on creating a Victorian-style bedroom.

  • Oversized bedding
  • Tufted Headboard
  • Heavy curtains
  • Freestanding Dresser
  • Royal colours 

 These ideas will make your bedroom look like a victorian bedroom.

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