Laundry Room for Small Apartment

Laundry Room for Small Apartment- best guide

Small apartments or condos have limited space, so you need everything organized to give a spacious look to a small area. If talking about the laundry room should be functional and aesthetically pleasing, so your daily work becomes less laborious. Because tight place with less exciting design starts to get on nerves and you have to push yourself to visit that area for laundry. The laundry room for small apartments needs special attention, and there’s a much better way to organize this area.

We are about to reveal the secret of how you can incorporate a laundry room in a small apartment that will have everything organized and aesthetically pleasing despite limited space. We have completely covered the questions that arise when you think of a laundry room for a small apartment and tried to answer all the queries for our valuable readers. So keep reading for a comprehensive guide for the setup of a laundry room to the décor ideas for a small apartment laundry room.

Let’s first discuss Where Should A Laundry Room Be Located?

 Laundry Room in Apartment Complex

It is not only limited space that causes a matter of concern but there are other points you must consider before establishing a laundry room or space in a small apartment. Your laundry room needs electrical and water supply lines, a drain system, a dryer vent in case you own a tumble dryer, and ventilation resources to keep the smaller area of the house acceptable to work in. 

Some apartment complexes offer the facility of a laundromat to the residents of the building. These laundry rooms in the apartment complex are equipped with several washers and dryers. Most of the apartments use cards to do their laundry. Using these shared laundry rooms is the best option if you don’t own the apartment. If you rent the apartment, then some apartment complexes offer an in-unit laundry room facility in large size apartments in each condo, so you don’t have to buy a washer and dryer when you move into the apartment.

But for rental small-size apartments where authorities don’t allow amendment in the apartment, you can benefit from the building laundry room that is all set to use for the residents. 

According to a survey, 31% of Americans do laundry each day. Using a shared laundry room in a small apartment is cost-effective. Each load costs $2 to $4 in a complex laundry room. In contrast, in-unit laundry increases the utility bills by about $100 to $200 per year if you intend to run your washer and dryer twice a week. But if you are habitual in doing laundry daily, the estimated cost can be as high as $700 annually in utility bills. So using a shared laundry room is convenient, and many renters find this facility desirable when hunting for small apartments.

How To Design Laundry Room For Small Apartment

If you own a small apartment, then you are free to make any changes and incorporate a laundry room in a small apartment. Usually, an apartment is considered small if it has a square footage of 472 to 500 sqft in the USA. And average size apartments are 882 square feet with one bedroom and kitchen sitting area and most likely to have a separate laundry area.

But in a condo or studio apartment, there are chances that they lack a dedicated area for laundry. In that case, you have to think out of the box to create a space like a laundry room for a small apartment. With creativity and smart thinking, a laundry room can be adjusted anywhere in the house without disturbing the character of that particular space. Keep reading to get to know ideas for a laundry room in a small apartment.

We will help you by suggesting some innovative ideas to design a laundry room for a small apartment. 

Creative Apartment Laundry Room Ideas

Having a laundry room is a luxury and adds value to the house. But if you live in an apartment and don’t have any space for it, you are probably in search of some ideas on where to locate your laundry room. Everything is open for view in a studio or small apartment, so displaying a washing machine and dryer with laundry is not a good idea. So hidden laundry rooms are one of the best options for small apartments.

You can hide the washing machine somewhere in the interior. Don’t let the washing machine spoil the décor, yet create a functional nook for laundry.

Try these Tips To Add a Laundry Room In Your Small Apartment 

Adding a laundry room in your small apartment only takes a minimum of 42 square feet. And this setup will have all equipment, including a washer, dryer, and laundry sink, just like a normal laundry room. Finding this tiny spare area in a small apartment can give you the ease and luxury of a laundry room.

  • A kitchen can also be used as a laundry room in a small apartment, and you can use a large pantry cabinet to keep laundry appliances. Always choose the cabinet in a kitchen for the washing machine near a sink. Because it’s easier to connect it to the water.
  • With barn doors, you can make your hidden laundry room part of your décor.
  • The bathroom is another option that can be used as a laundry room, and it is convenient due to the same hot and cold water supply lines and proper drainage system. Custom cabinets under the bottom part of the vanity are ideal for washers and dryers. You can fit a washer-dryer combo even in a tiny bathroom.
  • Turn an awkward corner or utilize under the stair area as a tiny laundry room.
  • A narrow walk-in closet could fit a washing machine and dryer stacked on each other. You can use a sliding door instead of a flap door to hide the laundry area and save space even with the open door.

Unusual Tiny Apartment Laundry Room Decor Ideas

We put together some great ideas so you can spruce up a tiny apartment laundry room to look bigger and a delightful place to store washing machines. You can DIY some crafts and give a personal style to decorate the laundry room.

  1. Just make everything more minimal to give an uncluttered feeling to the small space.
  2. Pick an upgraded version of the washer-dryer combo because they are smaller and do not look bulky.
  3. To give a modern industrial-looking condo, you can use vintage wall artwork and put a basket underneath to hold some cleaning supplies. Baskets are essential for laundry space and add texture to the laundry room.
  4. To add some greenery, you can use some small woven baskets with some artificial plant vines to add softness and colour to the space.
  5. Use transparent glass jars with labels to keep cleaning supplies in them and display them on some open shelves.
  6. Use free printable labels available online to make them look extra cute.
  7. Play with unusual colours like pops of red as a cabinet door or change the backlash of the countertop.
  8. Decorate the laundry room with a practical pegboard wall by using a giant pegboard and frame it out.
  9. Use a hanging hamper as laundry room décor, and it will also be handy to keep laundry up and off the floor.


Where can I put my laundry in a small apartment?

You can put your laundry in flexible hanging pocket organizers in the cupboard. Hide the laundry under the bed in large baskets. You can make open shelving on the entire wall and keep your laundry on the shelves or use canvas storage boxes. And use a sliding door to keep the laundry out of sight without giving a cramped and chaotic feeling to a small apartment.

 What is the smallest laundry room size?

The tiniest laundry room can be set in a minimum area of 42 square feet with a 6ft x 7ft dimension. This smallest laundry can accommodate 32 inches wide stackable washer, dryer, and laundry sink. You can make the place more functional with narrow cabinets and pull-out laundry baskets near the laundry area to streamline the laundry process more smoothly. 

 How much room do you need for a washer and dryer?

A separate washer and dryer need at least 40 inches deep and 56 inches wide because a side-by-side setup consumes more horizontal space, so combo machines are a better choice for small laundry areas. 

 Do apartment-size dryers need a vent?

Although apartment-size dryers are small and work on 120 volts, you still need to vent them outside for many reasons. Dryers produce heat and moist air, so it is essential to vet the dryers properly. Without venting the dryer, it increases the humidity level, and you’ll get dust and dust all over your place, which is bad for your lungs, and this lint is vulnerable to lit fires in the apartment.

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