Large wall decor ideas for living room

Stunning large wall decor ideas for living room

Are you searching for large wall decor ideas for living room. That’s why you land here. Here we discussed some unique ideas for your living room wall.

A plain wall without a window in a living room needs your special attention. If you happen to hang a small wall décor item on a larger than 15′ x 20′ big wall, it seems out of focus, and the wall still looks incomplete and unembellished. So a large wall décor is meant for the living room because a large wall décor doesn’t fit any room in the house better than a living room. 

There is no hard and fast rule which color, theme, or texture are appropriate for living room artwork. You can create your vision to show your passion in an art piece. All you need is to renovate a few tools, a little inspiration, and, last but not least, vision in your mind. That’s why it is said that home reflects the personality of the persons who live in the house. 

A living room is the only place to invite any outsider or visitor. So you have to utilize this place as the most impressive area of the house. To give it oomph and wow-factor, display a large wall décor on the main wall with the slightest distraction around it to enhance the beauty of your chosen masterpiece.

7 Rules to create a balanced look of wall décor in the living room 

  • Always choose a surreal or abstract painting with a modern style of furniture. 
  • A minimalist-themed living room realistic or contrasting vibrant color provides a better focal point and makes more sense.
  • Don’t go with dull grey while selecting furniture, wall paint, and décor items. Instead, create a warm conversation-friendly environment in the room. 
  • Play with different textures and styles as art has no boundaries. 
  • Avoid over-decorate the living room. 
  • To create harmony between the wall décor and the interior of the living room, there must be a proper proportion in their size. Wall décor size must be 75% of the width of furniture or mantle shelf size. 
  • Use drapes or curtains to match the living room’s interior—no floral prints for a minimalist theme.

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What Can I Put On Large Wall

You can cover a large wall with different items rather than just thinking about expensive paintings for the living room. If you are a sports lover, your living room can be a canvas to show your passion for sports. But make sure to keep other interiors casual and choose contemporary modern furniture to match your wall décor items. We will give you some essential clues that will help to turn your bare living room wall into an attractive focal point. You can take the idea and manipulate it according to your preferences.  Here are the best large wall decor ideas for living room. I hope you like all of them and implement to your living room wall.

Use Texturing 

Wall texturing helps add depth to the space, and some techniques and prints are great for creating an optical illusion. If you choose the right color and design, you need relatively less significant décor with any art piece. 3D texturing makes the wall more alive and expresses

modern art. More geometric and linear designs are appropriate for living walls. You can use a matching themed pillow cover on a sofa to keep the overall harmony of the room décor. 

Over-sized Artwork

A freshly painted clean wall without any breakdown is ideal for hanging oversized wall art. It can be abstract art or realistic oil painting. If an original art piece is way too expensive, you can craft your creation. With solid and bold color, amateur any piece that you think looks perfect in your room. Get it framed and display it on the wall. 

Wall Mural

I love the idea of murals as they cover complete walls and never fail to create magical results. Nature-inspired murals provoke your imagination and give the room a fresh and natural look. The readymade mural is easy to install, and you can change them whenever you feel like swapping them with anything unique. If you are good at art, try some striped design and paint a mural pattern to cover the wall with your favorite colors. 

Hang Plates or Woven Baskets 

The asymmetric arrangement of pottery plates is trending nowadays. This idea is budget-friendly and covers a large wall adequately. You can implement this idea for entryway passage to give it an exciting look. Alternatively, use the colorful handcrafted woven baskets as wall décor of the living room. 

Wall Gallery

Wall gallery is one of the easiest and widely used ideas to decorate any wall. So you can use this idea by aggregating a medium-sized frame to create an overall significant effect. In architecture, a combination of 3 objects always does wonders. Collage wall with this grouping will make your wall-less crowded. 

Decorate sizeable modern living room

Large modern living rooms have a unique character with a glass wall with a spacious floor plan to let in the sunlight. Large living rooms share the space with the kitchen or dining room to give it a more bright and gigantic look. These modern living rooms have no discrete walls, so we have to segregate this room into smaller areas with different sitting arrangements. 

  • Use rugs as a centerpiece and arrange furniture set around it with a TV console so you can use this corner living room. 
  • You can use floating shelves on the wall with some small hanging plants or collectibles on them. 
  • Create a special nook for the coffee table and chair beside a window to enjoy the outside view for a cozy feeling.
  • The interior of the modern living room should be a fusion of contemporary and traditional style to break the space into different areas properly. 
  • Use illumination by the book to highlight some areas and let a corner with dim lights enjoy some quiet moments. 
  • You can use a plant wall to divide a large living room. Hydroponic plants instantly give a fresh look to the place. 
  • A fireplace is an essential element of a modern living room. You can utilize the fireplace mantle for learning art by layering small and large-sized artwork. 

A living room should be worth living in each moment. We have tried to develop practical ideas to help you renovate your living room with the best designs.


Yes we done with large wall decor ideas for living room, did you read them. Don’t forget to comment your precious thoughts with us.

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