How to Clean the Laundry Room to Get Rid Of Smell

How to Clean the Laundry Room to Get Rid Of Smell? Best Guide

We forget to clean things that are clean for us, and the laundry room and its appliances are one of them. With our ignorance laundry room starts to smell bad. This lurking smell can be so unbearable that it becomes difficult to work in the laundry room. And if you overlook this issue for a long time, your whole house starts to stink gradually. Are you suffering bad smell in your laundry room and searching for a solution to get rid of the smell? We will share the detailed process of How to Clean the Laundry Room to Get Rid Of Smell? But you need to know first where this smell is coming from

You can easily make your laundry room smell fresh by following our tried-out hacks and some nifty product for an odor-free laundry room. After reading this article, we are sure that you will be worried about a stinky smell in the laundry room.

How To Clean the Laundry room to get rid of smell

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your laundry room in detail? If you don’t think of it later, it’s high time to squeaky clean the laundry room to eliminate the smell.

General Cleaning

Let the fresh air and sunlight in the laundry room as fresh air kills bacteria and prevents mildew growth. No one indeed has time to do a detailed cleaning of the laundry room, but still, you can wipe down all surfaces, sweep, and mop this utility room whenever you do the laundry. Then, take some time once a month and roll up your sleeves to deep clean the laundry room. We will share the detailed process of cleaning the laundry room to get rid of the smell.

Cleaning A Smelly Washer

It is pretty unsettling to think about washing clothes in a dirty washer. Then one should not expect to come out with clean clothes while being washed in an unsanitary and smelly washer. While deep cleaning the smelly washer, you will notice the gunk on the barrel and spiral part of the washer. You can use a toothbrush and the all-purpose cleaning spray to clean the drums inside. Wipe that out and use dawn power wash in an attempt to clean the little drum insert. For the spiral part and inside the washer, go ahead using the magic eraser. This step will also sanitize the washer from the inside. You can also use baking soda as a sanitizer regularly.

Put two cups of baking soda into the washing machine, run it on the hottest heaviest wash, and then pour two cups of vinegar; in the same manner, it is the simplest way to clean the inside of the washer thoroughly to get rid of the smell from the washer. Let the washer door open for a while to air dry the barrel completely to avoid a bad smell in the laundry. This moisture creates a stale smell inside the washer and makes washed laundry stink like rotten eggs.

Cleaning Dryer  

The laundry room expects to be dustier due to the dryer producing lint. It’s vital to keep the laundry room as lint-free as possible and make it a routine to clean it regularly because it can be a fire hazard. Moreover, the combination of heat, moisture, and trapped lint in the dryer vent makes a Laundry room smell like a dead animal. To remove lint shark, vacuum attachment works wonderfully and sucks up all the dryer lint and dust bunnies.

Pull the dryer forward and get this all cleaned up. You will notice once you clean all the lint out of the corner inside the dryer, it’s dry clothes a lot faster. So this cleaning is essential for good dryer efficiency.

Clear the Wet Laundry

Ensure to keep the laundry room area moisture-free because a moist environment encourages mold build-up and leads to a lurking smell. Remove the wet laundry as soon as possible from the washing machine. Wet, dirty clothes like swimming costumes or sweaty clothing make the condition worse if you toss these clothes right into the hamper and leave it to stink. Make sure to wash these clothes right away after stripping them off.

7 Fresh Ideas to Deodorize Your Laundry Room

DIY Citrus Spray

Citrus peels are a good source of odor-fighting agents; more importantly, they are safe to use for a long time. Your laundry room can smell amazing with the sunny scent of citrus fruit spray. Lemon, lime, orange, or ideally, you can try grapefruit peels to make this homemade spray. Boil citrus peels in water and let them simmer for an hour on low heat. Strain the liquid and then fill the spray bottle with it. Spritz this on the countertop and washer-dryer surface and deodorize the laundry room without paying much.

Don’t Leave the Laundry Unattended.

People tend to do laundry once a week and do a whole bunch on weekends according to their convenience. But this thick pile of laundry can be one of the reasons for the bad odor in the laundry room. Whenever you feel that your laundry hamper is overloading, take time to deal with extra laundry, check off this task from your to-do list, and keep the laundry room fresh.

Change Laundry Hamper

It’s time to change the laundry hamper if your old one is made of straw or cotton. These hampers can be the source of smell and habitat of bacteria as their material stay is more prone to absorb water and dirt. Switch your laundry damper with stainless steel hampers. These hampers have a high-end look, easy to clean, and have ventilation holes to let the air pass through clothes.

Baking Soda

Baking is your savior in all worst situations for cleaning and the best absorbent of unwanted smells. Using baking soda in a laundry room is the best hack from a grandmother’s experience. Sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom of the hamper to deodorize dirty clothes and use a mixture of baking soda and water mixture to wipe clean all surfaces, open shelves, and mop the floor with this liquid once a week and enjoy crisp, clean laundry room with welcoming fresh air.

Keeping a box of baking soda works as a dehumidifier when you have no budget for a humidifier. There are refillable moisture absorbers and odor eliminator baking soda boxes specially made to keep laundry rooms and basement fresh for under $10.

Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets And Cleaner Wipes

If you own an updated machine with a special wash cycle, don’t forget to run a wash cycle at the end of laundry to clean the washer drum. A stinky washer drum can be one of the main causes of smell in the laundry room. Throw in a few washing machine tablets and let it clean all the detergent and soap from the washer. Your front load washer door needs special attention when deodorizing the laundry room, as its rubber seal can trap water and gunk. Water absorbent wipes are available on the market to wipe off all nooks from the washer door rubber seal.

Scented Diffusers For Laundry Room

Use a hanging diffuser for long-lasting freshness in the laundry room without much effort. These diffusers are inexpensive and feel carefree as there is a chance of mess or spilling. These scented diffusers are perfect for keeping the laundry room smelling fresh all the time.

Why Does My Laundry Room Smell

If your laundry room ever had a moldy or musty smell and you can’t get rid of it well, then search for the actual reason instead of apparent or temporary remedies. A moldy smell in laundry does not necessarily mean that you have a significant mold problem, but there are the three top causes that you may have a musty odor.

  1. Humidity
  2. Water Trap
  3. Clog In Drain
  4. Leakage In Sewer Line


 The number reason is moisture, and more specifically, humidity in a laundry room can lead to a pungent smell. If your laundry room is located in a basement or ill-ventilated area, make sure to have an efficient ventilation system. You can also use a dehumidifier to pull moisture from the air and drain it into a bucket.

 Water Trap

The laundry room will start to smell like sewage if not used for a long time. These sewer gases produce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and toxic methane gases, which can be harmful to everyone and highly flammable. Sometimes this smell is due to a dry water trap. This dry trap could be under the floor drain, laundry pipe, or laundry sink due to not being used for some time. These water traps are supposed to be full all the time. You can fix this problem by filling the water in those dry traps.

Clog in the drain line

Suppose your laundry room has some clogging in the main line or washing machine drain line. A washing machine pipe can be clogged over time and smell like sewage. Clogged hair, coins, tissue residue, and detergent mixture in drain pipe cause smell similar to sewage. Even partial clogs can cause a stinky smell due to the growth of bacteria in the drain pipe. You can DYI and clear the clog by using a drain snake or pouring bleach to kill bacteria that cause sewage smell.

Leakage In Sewer Line

If your laundry room has good ventilation, no dry water trap, or clogging in the drain, but still there is a sewage smell, it might be a broken or cracked sewer line to blame. It’s better to call a professional plumber to detect the leak with proper equipment. They will fix this leakage, and your laundry room will not smell bad anymore.


The laundry room can smell fresh if you keep the washing machine clean and dry and have a proper system to control moisture from dirty and fresh laundry. Try out DIY tips to deodorize the laundry room and make it a pleasant area of the house. Also have a look on Laundry Room for Small Apartment- best guide if you have small house.


How to fix the sewer smell in the laundry room?

  1. If there is any clogging due to the dry water trap, run through the dry trap to control the sewer smell. 
  2. Unclog the drain pipe with a drain snake and remove all gunk from the pipe. Pour bleach and hot water mixture to kill sewer smell causing bacteria. 
  3. Fix the sewer smell if there is any broken pipe in the drain system. 

 How to keep dirty laundry from smelling?

  • Use stainless steel instead of woven straw or cotton hamper to keep dirty laundry from smelling.
  • Don’t toss wet, dirty clothes in the hamper. First, air dry to prevent the clothes from stinking and mildew growth. 
  • Use baking soda balls or sprinkle the base of the hamper with baking soda to absorb moisture and smell of dirty laundry.

 How to get rid of the smell in the washing machine top loader?

The excess build-up of detergent cause a bad smell in the top loader washing machine. So avoid over usage of detergent. To get rid of the smell in the top load washing machine, fill it with water and add half a cup of white vinegar and a half cup of baking soda. And run a cycle of 20 to 30 minutes at high temperature and then use a rinse cycle. 

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