Formal dining room ideas

How to Recreate Top Interior Designer Formal Dining Room Ideas

When we are moving to new house and apartment, what we exactly want? Just to decor it, especially living room and dining room. This is because both of these room are most visited place in each home. Well here i will only discuses formal dining room ideas with you.

 Dining is and always was a great artistic opportunity. A dining room is much more than just having a dining table and chairs in it. The history of separate dining rooms indicates that Greeks were the first to start using a big flat stone as a dining table. And proper use of the dining table and chairs concept was introduced by an American Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in 1772.

A formal dining room has a special high-end feel. Suppose you have a complete spare room for formal dinners with ornate double doors in it. Usually, the dining room is adjacent to the kitchen, but this room must be isolated enough so you can enjoy it with the guest without any interruption or noise. Dining rooms are special because it’s a place where you invite special guests to spend quality time at home. So this room should have a welcoming yet sentimental ambience in it.

Fast-paced breakfasts or having your meal at Kitchen Island seems a more convenient way to dining. Then why should there be a formal dining room in the first place? Some people think standard dining rooms are out of style or boring. Because they prefer to spend relaxed time in a dual-purpose living room with a dining table lying at the corner in the same room, to some extent indeed, formal dining rooms are not used in daily routines. But there are some occasions when you have to host a traditional dinner or family get-together, so you can proudly utilize your valuable dining room.

Formal Dining Room Layout

 You can upgrade a dull dining room into a modern place by experimenting with subtle wall colours with contrasting wall art because your ultimate goal to impress your guest cannot be achieved with only a good menu. The average size of a traditional dining room to accommodate 8 or 12 chairs, and a big dining table must have 14 x 18 feet. We will help you pick some clues from the interior designer’s advice to change the dining room overall look. A formal dining room layout includes these basic furnishing in it

  • A table and chair set
  • A sideboard or fireplace
  • An open chinaware and glass collection
  • Wall art
  • Rug
  • Light fixture

Select the main dining table set for the room and then build the furniture according to its style. There are three main styles of furniture that you can choose for your space.

  1. Traditional dining rooms symbolize wood tables and chairs with high backrests. A large chandelier with 6 to 8 bulbs is used to illuminate the dining area. Usually, all furniture is used to settle on a large rug.
  2. Contemporary dining rooms have more flexibility in choosing décor and furnishing of the dining room. These modern dining rooms bring a twist with a combination of chairs and a bench around the square dining table. You can use modern pendant light over the dining table.
  1. Minimalist dining rooms have a monochromatic theme with a more geometric design for chairs and wall art upholstery. Select a 3D art piece for the fireplace mantle shelf to add more visual interest to the place. Linear pendant lights look more suitable to make the most of the minimalist approach.

Let’s know what to do with formal dining room space.

Traditional Formal Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Besides enjoying occasional dinner in the traditional dining room, you can find other ways to utilize this housing area and pay more visits to the dining room.

  • If you have a square room, then a round dining table will look more striking by adding angles and boosting the conversation as compared to a rectangle dining table.
  • Dedicate a dining room wall for your books if you have no spare room to study. Use floating shelves in a different pattern for decorative purposes and arrange books on them.
  • Use indoor plants to add greenery and break the monotonous of the formal dining room.
  • Display your favourite artwork as a wall hanging or leaning art over a fireplace shelf or sideboard.
  • Use multiple contemporary lights above the dining table and sconces for walls.
  • Use false ceiling with 3D artwork. Take more ideas of pictures in dining room.
  • Exhibit your favourite chinaware and cutlery in a glass front showcase.
  • Use the poolside view if you have an open terrace outside the dining room. A glass wall with shimmering water will add an embellished touch to the room in daylight and look dramatic at night.
  • Going monochrome for a small dining room gives it a spacious and larger look than it is. You can use pastel colors for drapes, chair upholstery, and wall art.
  • Decorate your dining room according to some special theme or era close to your heart. Vintage, retro, farmhouse, French or Victorian themes can be good options for a formal dining room.
  • Add height to a room with a full-length window with striped curtains.

How to make a dining room less formal?

If you think formal dining rooms look bland, you can change the whole environment of a standard room into a fresh one with little effort.

  1. Paint one dining room wall with a mural to add life to a dull place.
  2. Swap an old chandelier with modern pendant light.
  3. Use dimmer light to set the mood for special guests.
  4. Use a table runner with bright colours over the wood table.
  5. Add upholstered chairs with bold floral prints.
  6. Use flower or asymmetric twigs as a centrepiece of the dining table.
  7. Hang an oversized mirror to reflect the outside view.

Formal dining rooms never supposed to restrict your creativity. You can jazz up a formal space with funky artwork, mix and match different furniture styles or graphic upholstery. But it must come together as a synchronized room to delight the guests.

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