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10 Budget-friendly Addition of Cool Things for Living Room

A living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease. Here we are going to discuses about Budget-friendly Addition of Cool Things for Living Room.

As we evolve, this creativity must reflect in our home. A living room is a hub of most activities of a family. We consider this room a multi-function area from watching TV to deep conversations or a place to relax. The living room connects the family, so it must not be too formal to hang out or too messy to focus on if you want to spend some quiet moments. But if you have no spare room as a parlour or drawing room to entertain guests, then the living room is used for this purpose, so this place must have a presentable and decent appearance.

Of course, you can show your aesthetic and add a personal touch to the space but don’t forget the living room essential list. Make your checklist if you have these items or some specific layout for the living room, then your available place should have the dimensions accordingly. Avoid overcrowding the home with accessories while renovating the living room. It must have a balanced and pleasing overall look. This room should satisfy all requirements of your family. A living room must have an aura to relax a tired soul and an inviting atmosphere that you heave a sigh of relief as soon as you hit the place.

Transform a dull living room with cool things


Most living rooms are situated in the centre of the house with a natural light source. Natural light makes the place open and spacious feeling. Let the sunlight in your living room and don’t block it with heavy curtains. Take full advantage of the sun and hang your bright painting on the wall where it can catch the focused light of the sun. Now you have to reconsider the electric lights. There must be an ample hanging overhead light as chandelier then task lights with mix and match of floor lamps and table lamps. Spotlight and lights with dimmer can be a game-changer as they can create a magical atmosphere in the place for special occasions.

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A large rug is a centrepiece of a living room, or you can make a separate corner with a centre table and sofa around it. A rug should be big enough to have all pieces of sofa set around it with some space to allow movement easily. There are oversized cushions, pillows, and puffers for more relaxed seating on the rug if you have a large living room. You can add colour to the place with glittery cushion covers and create an eclectic effect.


The living room essential list is incomplete without a furniture set. It can be a sofa, tables, and high chairs or bar stools. Using a linear pattern for sofa upholstery gives the place a more spacious look. If your room has limited space to accommodate a large sofa, then you can fill the space with a coffee table and chairs with intelligent legs. Please don’t underestimate the power of three as furniture look at its best in 1:2 combination. Use furniture in the mix and match material as metallic table frame with tempered glass top to break the monotonous.

Wall texture and paint

You have the choice to go for monochromatic colour for the walls of a living room, and you want contrasting hues. Playing with wall texture is an excellent thing that you might not have observed in typical living rooms. But the internet is full of these fantastic ideas. And people are implementing it by applying different textures to each living room wall. I happened to visit a place, and the living room caught my attention with its unusual textured wall.


You cannot do much about basic things for your living room, but you can add your taste to display by selecting an oversized oil or abstract painting. The largest painting should hang on behind the seated sofa above eye level while sitting on the couch. This painting should get maximum sunlight or a spotlight above it. Photo collage is one of the trendy cool things that can add value to your living room.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves add interesting focal points in a living room. Introduce your inner artist to the world with DIY things you can do in the living room. Create your design and pattern with floating shelves as there is no limit. As floating shelves also offer storage space, these shelves are ideal for showcasing small figurines or monuments.  


Mirrors are one of the cool things that never go out of style. They reflect the light and create a spacious effect in the room. To create an optical illusion for a small living room, hang a large mirror at the entrance. They look attractive with high-end frame designs, but the proper placement turns glass into a magical mirror in the living room.


Always choose lightweight and pastel colour curtains for a living room to allow sunlight to dribble some light through them, even withdraw curtain. Heavy curtains are fit for bedrooms. Hang your curtains above the window frame to give the ceiling a heightened effect. Curtains should be unique.

Add Greenery

Indoor plants always complement a living room. Add some life to bare walls with hydroponic plants or leave a spare corner for a large potted plant. This green colour will break the dullness of the living room. Those who love cactus and then don’t leave the space unoccupied. Get some indoor Cacti as they need less sunlight, and they are small in size, making them ideal for indoor growth.

A Fish Aquarium

A fish aquarium is my cool thing to add to a living room. I have placed a medium-sized fish aquarium on my corner table, and it’s a treat to watch the smooth movement of my cute fish. Suppose you are hyperallergic to pet hair and cannot afford to keep a dog, cat, or bird in the house. Then here is your option to allow small creatures to be part of your living room. They will fill your heart with joy, and by the way, I have heard in childhood that watching fish swimming helps relieve tension.

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