how to choose wall decor for living room

How to choose wall decor for living room

Choose wall decor for living room is not easy but also not too much difficult. Yes you should be very creative. An intelligent selection of décor items for the living room is not everyone’s cup of tea. Because endless options of wall décor make the decision more tricky. Fortunately, there is no must in art because art is free. Art aims not to represent the outward appearance of things but to evoke their inner significance. A living room is a commonplace shared by the whole family, and most of the time, guests are used to entertaining in the same room if you have no separate formal drawing-room. 

Warm and vibrant wall art or picture galleries give a welcoming look and provide focal interest. Wall art must be a source of inspiration and happiness whenever you look at it. Whether you choose an original art piece or find a replica, it must be unique in a way to reflect your personality. 

Know more about 10 cool things for your living room.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Living room wall decor ideas

Please take a look at some ideas and then implement them according to your imagination. You have to learn the basic rules like a pro to break them like an artist. Contrasting is a rule of thumb to choose the color of the wall and art piece. Light color background enhances the beauty of wall art. If you overdo the space with lots of color and décor, you will fail to achieve a particular look. Think twice as sometimes less is more. And minimalist décor never goes out of style and makes a place look spacious and elegantly picture-perfect all the time. 

Bring your bare living wall a new life with: 

  1. Outsized wall art 
  2. Floating shelves 
  3. Picture gallery 
  4. Lights 
  5. Mural 

Why art work?

Wall art
  • A large piece of artwork gives its full impact on the wall behind a large sofa or over a fireplace mantel. And you are considered as the best wall art for the living room. Always hang it at the average eye level to merge with the rest of the living room décor. Too heightened painting seems out of focus. Keep other furniture and décor items low profile with a large art piece. You can choose abstract or natural landscape oil paint or sketches with bold and warm colors. 
  • The living room wall décor can accent modern floating shelves with different dimensions. The arrangement of these shelves depends on your aesthetics, so play with different angles for exciting patterns on the living room wall.


Idea of a picture gallery

  • I like the idea of a picture gallery on the living room wall. However, you can use colour pictures or family photographs and charm black and white pictures. And black and white images look more connected even with different sizes. You can try family photos, landscape, or retro-style themes for this gallery. 
  • Use sconces lights and emphasize your already hanging wall art with projected lights. These lights alone can be used as wall décor with intricate glass lamps matching tones with the rest of the living room theme. 
  • Leaning art is trending nowadays, and you can layer different art pieces on the fireplace mantel, floating shelf or table. Leaning art adds more depth to the place and keeps your wall from permanent damage. If you like chic, clean walls, learning a skill can satisfy your art presence in the living room. 
  • Use one of your entire walls as a canvas for murals painting. These murals are perfect for giving a spacious look to a relatively small space with its 3D effect as it gives more depth with a realistic approach. Either you can use stick-on mural paper or create your painting. With bold and solid character on the wall as a mural, you must keep the least décor. With mural painting, you throw away an upholstery sofa set with an iron table, and your living room is ready to impress the visitors. 

Let’s give a bird’ eye view of what wall art decor is appropriate for different rooms in the house.

What type of paintings should be in the living room

Wall Painting

Painting Ideas for Living Rooms: What Type of Painting Should You Choose?:

A painting can transform an ordinary room into something special. Why not use one to fill your living room with personality? It can be hard to choose the perfect type of painting for your space with so many options. Here are some ideas on what type might work best in your living room.

Get the Best Painting Ideas for Living Rooms

A living room is an essential room in the house for decorating. It is also the space where you can let your personality shine. You can make it a little formal, or a lot of fun. This session will show you some of the best painting ideas for living rooms.

One way to paint a living room with a long wall with no windows is to paint that wall with light colors that look great when seen from inside and outside of the house. If your home faces east, then painting the wall with light colors will make it look like a sunrise when seen from inside and like a sunset from outside of the house. If you’re lucky enough to have more than one east-facing wall, then paint all of them.

What Painting Style to Choose for Your Living Room Mood?

Choosing the right style for your living room can help you achieve different moods.

Detailing different painting styles and their benefits, this article will provide you with an understanding of choosing the right one for your living room.

The best way to start looking for a painting style is to ask yourself what mood you want the room to convey. An office-like setting is ideal for minimalistic styles, whereas a room with high ceilings might need an impressionist painting.

How to Choose Which Type of Paint is the Best Match?

Choosing the right type of paint can be confusing, but it’s not difficult with this guide. We will walk you through the basics of choosing your color to make an informed decision.

There are two main types of paint: latex and oil-based. Latex paints are easier to clean than oil-based paints and dry faster. Oil-based paints offer durability and a thicker, richer texture than latex paints, but they take longer to dry and need to be cleaned more often because they will leave a residue on surfaces that come into contact with them.

 Best Choices in Painting Styles and Colors to Inspire everyone

Best Choices in Painting Styles and Colors to Inspire everyone

The trend of painting rooms in different colors and styles has never disappeared. The popularity of the color pink, for instance, has surged in recent years.

There are many ways to style your room with paint according to the mood you want to create. Here are ten popular paint colors and paint styles that can help you decide what type of color or style will suit your project best!


1. Take advantage of contrasting tones: Paint one wall light and one dark, which draws attention to the light wall while also highlighting other objects. This technique is perfect for hallways where you want to draw attention away from doors, staircases or other hallways that lead off from this one.

49 ideas for painting and color for your living room.

2. Create a focal point: Paint an accent wall with a bright color.

Painting an accent wall is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your living space a new look. Many colors work great as an accent wall, but white walls are perfect for making other colors in the room stand out.


3. The Hollywood Glamour Style

This style is perfect for when you want your space to feel glamorous, with glossy finishes and gold accents that are reminiscent of classic movie

4. The Casual Beach House Style

This style features pale colors with light blue tones that create a relaxing beach vibe without overwhelming the eyes. There are also pops of turquoise and hints of coral, which make it perfect for those who love the seaside but don’t want their home to look like they live.

Choose the paint color

  1. Painting colour has a significant impact on the psychological effect of a room.
  2. When we think of interior design, we usually let our creativity and feelings guide us on what to do. However, many factors to consider when choosing the perfect paint colour for your home.
  3. For instance, ceiling height can affect the colour that you pick for your room. Darker colours will make the space seem smaller, while lighter colours will make it seem more prominent, so if you want to create a light and airy space, then light colours are best.
  4. Also, remember that every colour has its personality and feeling to it. One thing that you can do is explore different colours together with an interior designer who knows their way around the paint department well – they might be able to suggest some other styles or colours that would be appropriate for your room.
  5. Choosing new paint colours can be difficult, but it is worth the journey. Whether you are trying to create a calming space or stimulate creativity, there are plenty of shades to choose from. With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide. This list contains the best choices for colours that are sure to inspire your next interior design project.


#1) Gray

Gray paint is often prescribed as an interior decorating choice for people who want a relaxing space. It provides the perfect backdrop for natural light and is considered one of the most popular colors in home design. Gray also offers a balance between serenity and stimulation, making it ideal for creative types and those needing to focus on the work tasks.

#2) Black color painting was chosen for living room

The color black has long been associated with sophistication. It is a color worn by kings and presidents, and it is also the color of formal dress, such as tuxedos and evening gowns.

 Choose the Perfect Wall Art or decor for Your Space.

Wall art is an integral part of any home, office, or space. However, the best way to know what you want is to see it in person and feel the colors and textures.

Pictures and paintings on walls are not just decorative pieces of art. They can be an essential aspect of interior design. It can add color and life to a room, create balance in a space, and enhance how we feel when we see it every day.



 Dining Room Wall Décor 

  Room Wall Décor 

The dining room is considered a more formal place than a living room. So this place must have a unique wall décor. Giant size oil paint sketches and impressionism of real life are more appropriate for the main wall of the dining room. You can create a collage of small and big size art pieces as leaning art over the fireplace mantle with miniature painting for a better revelation of their beauty. 

 Bedroom Wall Décor

 Bedroom Wall Décor

To keep the relaxing mood of the bedroom intact, the wall décor of the bedroom should be subtle. Most interior designers prefer to use abstract wall art with indistinctive patterns. Bedroom wall art must have simple frames, or you can even try canvas painting in gallery style to keep the focus more on skill rather than fancy framing. 

 Entryway Wall Décor  

Enter-way wall decor

The first impression matters a lot, and the same is the case with the entrance of your house since the entryway has limited space, so oversized painting and abstract types are inappropriate for this area. Because abstract painting gives a better view from a distance. So a picture gallery is a rule of thumb for the entrance area with warm colours symbolizing a welcoming sensation. 


Special Guest Room

Gest room wall decor

You can choose the same colour tone for wall art for guest rooms. Soothing grey or blue colour creates a fresh look in the guest room. If you want something specific for a guest room, then landscapes with a monochromatic theme are a good option for the guest room. 

Colour Scheme For Wall Art

Choosing a colour scheme for wall art can make or break the overall effect of décor. 

  • Use the same colour pallet for walls if you want to hang oversized art with bright colours to focus more on the art piece. 
  • Curtains with floral prints must not be used with the metallic theme of the room. 
  • White or grey wall décor pops up with a dark colour background. Dark grey, black, or mahogany background creates a dramatic effect with light colour wall art with projected or conspicuous string lights. 


In this article our main interest was choose wall decor for living room. As we discussed some ways of decorating the living room walls. So, you can get ideas from here and decor your living room as beautiful as you can. Thanks for reading….

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