decorate a bedroom with slanted walls

Best guide on how to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls

Many people ask us if we have a slanted wall in our bedroom so how to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls. There are so many things that you can do with your bedroom slanted walls, it is not about only bedroom slanted walls. Here we will give you the best decorating ideas which will help you to decorate any slanted wall in your home. 

Slanted Walls Decorated Ideas will be unique, so be comfortable while applying. The slanted walls are very useful for the rooms. As we know that wall decoration is also a challenge, and slanted walls are also enough to change for you if you are thinking of decorating them. Yes, of course, decoration is a must because no one wants to keep the wall bear. So, hanging the wall and pictures of your childhood with your beloved family is a very good but somehow old idea. 

In 2022 and onward, you need to be more creative while decorating your home, especially walls. Because consciously or unconsciously, when people enter the home, they firstly noted the wall in front of them. If it’s well organized and decorated then they have a very good image in their mind for you and your home. 

Decorate a bedroom with slanted walls

Let’s get deep into it

Color contrast for bedroom decoration with slanted walls

Yes, it is a very great idea for your bedroom’s slanted wall. What you need to do is just carefully analyze what is your theme of the room and which color you choose for the wall and other room decorations like furniture color. They do the color blocking with the same colors in a contrasting way. don’t use only one color, and also don’t use the blood color. For slanted walls use a light color that will give you a very relaxing feeling at night. 


decorate a bedroom with slanted walls-ideas

Yes, wallpapers are the easiest solution to every home decoration problem, like kitchen decoration, bedroom decoration, and even bathroom decoration. But choosing the right wallpaper is also challenging. This is because you can’t change the wallpaper’s day today. That’s why choose the wallpaper with keeping some things in mind. 

Firstly, keep the color contrast in mind. 

Secondly, keep the theme of your room in mind. 

Thirdly, keep the type of wallpaper you want in your room like floral wallpaper, horror wallpaper, Halloween wallpaper, simple wallpapers, or color wallpapers. 


Yes, stencils are also a good choice for slanted walls. There are so many decals and stencils available in the market and on online e-commerce platforms for very cheap. You can also choose from them and make your bedroom more beautiful. The best part of using the decal and stencils are they are removable and they didn’t let scars and stains on the wall. May you get my point. They are easy to adhere to and easy to remove. 


Yup, you are thinking right. You of the clock is old-fashioned but only if you use the simple round old-fashioned clock. If you are very creative and have a good budget then definitely you will find out the best wall decor clock for your bedroom. There are so many wall clocks that are decorative pieces too. So, buy one and get the benefit of two- watch time and decor your room too. 



Skylights can be a big addition to any room in your home. But, if your budget allows, you may want to consider adding a skylight to the slanted wall.

Even though it’s more expensive than the other ideas above, it lets natural light in to help counterbalance the closed space of the slanted walls.

While you should take advantage of natural light whenever possible, the space will look more beautiful with additional lighting as well.

Spaces with slanted walls don’t get a lot of light since it’s hard for ceiling lighting to be bright enough to illuminate the entire room and there’s limited space for floor lamps.

You can also use this technique to refresh an older home, and it’s a very easy way to do it.


Yup like using the clock on the wall is an old idea same as it is, use of a photo gallery is also an old idea but very effective. But there is so many modern and advanced frame you can buy that will completely change the look of your bedroom. You can make that slanted wall a childhood memory with pictures of your beloved family or you can also use that wall of motivation by hanging motivational images. This is also a good idea. Before sleeping looks at them and think about your goals this will help you to keep motivated all the time. 


Yes, you may think that the best place for the pendant is the center of the roof. Yes, it’s good for the living room. But if you have a slanted wall in your bedroom then you can hang a small but very beautiful pendant on that wall, be very careful about the light emitted from it. Because the bedroom is a place for relaxation so, choose the pendant with a dim light that will make your mood relaxing.

Paint the ceiling

Yes, this is another way to have a very unique look with slanted walls. Here you don’t need to do anything with the slanted wall. Just need to paint the ceiling with one color or make the painting in blockings with contrast color. And keep the color of the walls sharp white. Yes, this will be very amazing and give a refreshing look to your wall. This is also a way to make your bedroom look bigger especially if your bedroom has slanted walls. 


Tapestries are another way to decorate the walls of a bedroom that’s been designed with slanted walls.

This is a great way to display a collection of your favorite items. It will fill your small space, instantly creating a cool design moment.

The wall décor at this moody retreat by Natasha Habermann makes it look positively dreamy and makes the ceiling height seem taller.

Use for decorative pieces

Yes, make the small sections with the help of wood, and paint the wood to look beautiful and in contrast with your room. Then keep the small decorative pieces in that sections. This is an amazing idea. Also, keep changing the decorative pieces with time. This will you to have a new look in your bedroom every time.  Here is What Should Be Exciting Bedroom Essentials List? you can take help from it.


Here, we have discussed decorating a bedroom with slanted walls. We need to be more creative while doing that. Slanted walls look very amazing if we work on them properly.

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